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How long can I use the urinal stickers?
The lifetime of the stickers depends on the frequency of use of the urinal, the cleaners and other factors. So, we cannot say it exactly. The best thing is you just try it out…

What I have to do when installing the urinal sticker?

The surface must be smooth, cleaned and dry. It is important that the stickers are pressed firmly to all edges.

Can the sticker removed residue?

The sticker can be removed very good. Either pull by hand and clean or heat it with a hair dryer and remove.

How does the urinal stickers?

The heat of the urine will change the stickers and the coldness of the water will bring the urinal stickers back to the original picture.

Can I get an urinal sticker with my own picture?
Yes, individual stickers are possible. We can help you in designing and the minimum order quantity is 300. We are happy to help you and make you an business offer. You find more informations here.

Does the stickers works without flushing?
By flushing the sticker will returns to the original picture. Therefore we recommend not to use a sticker in waterless urinals.

Can I order without regestration?

You have the opportunity to shop without registration. But there is the possibility to register once. This reduces the effort for follow orders and provides the following benefits:

  • Billing and shipping addresses are automatically filled
  • Order history – Overview of orders placed
  • Newsletter Management
  • Information about special offers and new subjects

What is the minimum size for an order?
The minimun ordersize is 10 urinal stickers.

How much are the shipping costs?
All urinal stickers will be delivered without costs. Customs duties may apply outside Switzerland.

How long will it takes until the urinal stickers are delivered?
The stickers will be delivered fast. Usually it takes about 3-7 days, depending on the place of delivering.

In Which country you will deliver the urinal stickers?
The stickers can be delivered worldwide.