The problem with dirty urinals in the men’s toilets is well known. Not every man seems to manage to explicitly focus and to aim to ensure that everything will find the right place. Furthermore, the problem with dirty urinals occurs often in schools. Children are mostly still unconcentrated when leave their water and so the urinals are even faster dirty.

With this little practical glue, you have the chance to change the cleanliness in an easy way.

The trick is very simple. During the urinal sticker is in the initial condition e.g .: a sad smiley is shown. He changed his appearance automatically when someone urinated on him. The Smiley begins to smile and then displays e.g .: a smiley face with red lips on it. The changing of the condition makes a man / boy interested to see how the Smiley might look afterwards. The result is a clean toilet and fun while going to the toilet.

Our Urinal Stickers are offered in many different versions. From a laughing smiley to a golfer. Take a look  in our shop and browse through our product range. If you are interested in an own designed sticker, write us an email and we can discuss everything else.

All stickers are made in Switzerland and shipped from there.